Woodlands at Reid Temple

Reid Temple’s senior living facility aims to provide “recreational
and social opportunities, as well as a low maintenance lifestyle
and enable independent seniors the ability to enjoy their golden
years with other seniors.” The concept, “A Walk in the Woodlands,”
is meant to create an inspiring community that embraces the
wooded site, elevation changes, and golf course views while
featuring craftsman style finishes among meandering paths
and exquisite gardens. When CJR was hired as the advisor
and development manager for Reid Senior Living, the project
progress had stalled due to various obstacles in funding and
zoning. CJR was instrumental in accomplishing the necessary
preliminary steps in order to begin construction. CJR led the
process of planning and selecting the development team to
design and finance the project. Working as the development
manager on behalf of Reid Temple and Reid Community
Development Corporation, CJR shepherded the project through
the entitlements and approvals needed to successfully procure
project funding and select the development partner. As with
any project of this caliber, acquiring funds for construction
and operation presents challenges. The budget is $39 million
dollars, and CJR helped to secure these funds from a blend of
different sources. Relying on partner Harold Johnson’s varied
expertise, CJR was able to put together funding from county,
state, and federal governments utilizing the financial and
economic development tools available.

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